We get asked this question a lot: I’m on a tight budget. What’s the most cost-effective garage door?

Of course, that’s a loaded question, simply because it comes down to many factors such as the size of your door, the style you’re looking to achieve, how fast you need it, and more. But in general, for budget-friendly garage doors, steel is the way to go. Not only is a steel garage door durable, it’s stylish and timeless! Not only that, but steel garage doors are the most secure types of doors, including wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. If your home needs a reliable barrier, steel is the best choice. Highly secure, steel is also heavy. This weight requires an automatic opener to safely operate the doors.

The Drawbacks to Steel

The affordability and durability of steel cannot be denied. But there are some drawbacks to steel doors as well.

First, steel is capable of denting, a factor that should definitely be considered for garages susceptible to high traffic. Steel is also known for its vulnerability to rust. Any scratches on the door will need to be touched up as soon as possible to slow and stop the oxidation process.

Poor maintenance may open the door to rust, but steel garage doors still provide a superior barrier to your home.

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